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OEpic Introduces OE Products, Downplays Foundry Services
OEpic’s new line of OE products offer high performance at a competitive price.
SUNNYVALE, CA, June 22, 2021 – OEpic Semiconducts, Inc. that has been operating as a compoundsemiconductor foundry, today announced its introductory line of products consisting of 10 Gbps APD (Avalanche Photo Diode) for 1310nm datacom applications, 25Gbps broadband PIN photodiode, 25Gbps 850nm laser (VCSEL) for 100G datacom, and 940nm VCSEL array for illumination, 3D imaging and gesture recognition. These products are fabricated in Taiwan for volume production and offer the best combination of performance and price available on the market today. These chips have passed qualification tests and started volume shipment in 2021. For customers who are interested in packaged devices, OEpic offers 10G TO-Can packaging and standard and custom packaging for higher speed devices and VCSEL arrays.
“Our advanced processing, our highly experienced design team, and our alliances with volume manufacturers make it possible for us to compete effectively against the more established suppliers in this market.” said Dr. Majid Riaziat, Founder and CEO of OEpic. “We provide bare die and packaged devices either as standard off-the-shelf products or customized and private labeled to fit specific applications.”
The “ORS35A-10” product is a high performance, low cost, InGaAs based, Avalanche photodiode (APD) for 1310nm and 1550nm fiber optic communications. It has extremely high sensitivity, while withstanding high overload power levels. This makes our APD product a one-size-fits-all solution for many data-com and tele-com applications. Reliability has been certified with long operating hours under highly stressed conditions. This device is front side illuminated for easy assembly.
The “ORS35P-25” product is a high performance InGaAs PIN photo diode for common datacom and telecom bands of 1310nm and 1550nm. The device is mesa isolated and fontside illuminated with low capacitance and very low dark current. Pad configuration may be GSG or inline. Pad layout and die size are customizable.
The “OES85V-25-301” VCSEL is designed for 25Gbps data transmission at 850nm for multimode fibers. It is a low-current device with an oxide-aperture, proven reliability, and excellent eye-diagram performance at 25Gbps. It can be fabricated into a linear 1×4 array with a pitch of 250 microns for use in Communications protocols such as 100 GbE, and active optical cables. OES85V-25 is sold in chip form as known good die, and its surface appearance and features may be customized. 940nm VCSEL array products are available in frontside or backside emission configurations as custom products with power levels of up to 4W per chip. These devices are available as known good die or in packaged form.
OEpic currently accepts orders for volume delivery of all listed products. 940nm VCSEL arrays have a customization lead time.